Drop element here!
Drop element here!

We're a small Australia based business run by a couple, both of us passionate about beautiful things. We hold the belief that merch at its best can be both beautiful and usable~

With all our lamps, we aim to give you that feeling of excitement that comes with getting your favourite character, the ability to create a beautiful setup, and allow you to create a space for your comfort character/s in your room!
Most of all, we want to have fun with it! We believe that businesses should be passionate about their products, and invested in the community they build. We want to provide a light environment (heh) for us all to enjoy our favourite game.

We are dedicated to being transparent and communicative with you all. If you have any questions, or have any feedback, don't hesitate to contact us!
Feel free to follow us on social media @luminelights for the most recent updates from us, including giveaways!

We design all our lamps by carefully selecting the right amount of detail to capture the character as faithfully as possible.
From creating the line-art to the finished lamp~

Will you continue releasing lamps for new Genshin characters?

We haven’t released new designs in a while due to low demand, but we’re still taking requests on our website! If demand is high enough we’ll work on a new custom batch with the most requested recent characters!

Will you ever branch out? What about Honkai Impact?

As neither of us are Honkai players, it would feel disingenuous to start selling lamps of those characters! We currently have no plans to expand our range past Genshin - although this could change in the future!

Thank you for all your support on this journey with us, and good luck with your pulls~!
- Rachel & Elnatan